Ovi Odoriferi for moretta hotel


Inspiration- Perfumed Eggs

Flirtation has always been a part of Carnival.

In the old days of Venice, men began courting women by throwing eggs filled with rose water in front of their houses. These perfumed eggs, Ovi Odoriferi, soon became a trend and wild tradition for the young masked men of the Carnival.

I designed a packaging set of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Lotion for MORETTA Hotel, the concept hotel that is the modern abstraction of the Carnival of Venice.


Mood Board

I looked at what some modern bathrooms look like today, and designed with a moody, slate-walled bathroom in mind.  The colors are tastefully understated, and distressed metals give the shampoo bottles a naturally raw, edgy, modern look.

Dip-dyed fashion

I decided to give the bottle a dip-dyed gradient to make the metallic finishes look softer like fabric.

vscocam_1381776705.559097.IMG_3210 (2).JPG


Designing for MORETTA Fashion Hotel, there are multiple sources of inspiration. In this case, the product line is 1) a bath product, 2) a modern interpretation of Carnival of Venice, and 3) related to fashion design. To successfully embody the MORETTA brand, this product line should be at the intersection of these 3. Although a triple constraint is a challenging design problem, there is also an upside of triple the inspiration (tri-pollination?) and design focus, to create a much stronger and unique brand identity.

The Carnival's Ovi Odoriferi tradition became the basis of the branding concept. I chose this concept because as a bath product, bottles carrying nice-smelling shampoos and lotions could be metaphors for eggs containing perfumes. Storytelling is the springboard for this design.


MORETTA Hotel Amenities Branding

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion.

The bottle form language features an integrated form with a soft-curve silhouette to reflect the form language of an egg. I did not wish to take the form of the egg too literally, and instead used the egg graphically on the bottle. The color coded eggs indicate whether it is shampoo, conditioner, or body lotion.