The Moretta project



Anybody can be a fashion model. Never mind having a perfect figure or fitting in with today's perceptions of beauty. If we all had the right stylists, runway haute couture clothing tailored to fit, and fashion photographers, we could all be transformed into a stunning work of art on the runway and on print.

What if we could create a place where anybody could experience high fashion?


A Modern Interpretation of the Carnival of Venice


MORETTA is a fantasy fashion hotel concept I began to create while I was a student with the idea of bringing fashion-minded individuals together. By designing a hotel with its own rules, its own ecosystem, and fashion-forward culture within its walls, any visitor could experience high fashion without needing to be a runway model.


Business Model


MORETTA is a hotel, a lease-based fashion experience, and a fashion label.

In this business model, MORETTA's resident designers provide their own unique avant garde clothing interpretations. These are made available at an affordable lease-based price to guests to be worn within the MORETTA grounds.

This hotel sells “Haute Couture Within Reach”.


The MORETTA ecosystem is fueled by interactions between the visitors, MORETTA's fashion designers, and the design of MORETTA hotel itself.

Designers are up and coming talents waiting to be discovered. They draw inspiration from MORETTA's theme, and are asked to create their own modern interpretations of the Venetian Carnival.

Visitors can then shop and lease those creations and work with the designers, tailors, hairstylists, makeup professionals, and photographers to bring it all together.


Hotel Design Ideas


Fashion Masquerade

Part of the modern interpretation of the Carnival of Venice is the creation of grand social events and a fashion spectacle. The hotel becomes a cutting-edge fashion microcosm.

Every Room A Photo Stage

No need for selfies. Photographers are everywhere, and everywhere is the perfect place for a photo. Every room in MORETTA would be designed richly as if they were photo stages.


The Designers’ Clothing Rack


I did not design the entire hotel from the inside out, as that would probably require a whole team of architects and designers. As an industrial designer I focused on designing one product in the hotel that would embody my concept.

I chose to design a clothing rack for the MORETTA fashion designers to showcase their designs to the visitors. Conceptually, this clothing rack is an abstraction of the masquerade.


The Seduction of the Masquerade

A mask hides some parts of the face and reveals other parts of the face. As a result, it creates curiosity to the onlooker. It seduces them and makes them wonder, "Who is behind that mask?"


The Interactivity of Space

The clothing rack design language is to be sensual and mysterious. It frames the clothing. It also engages the onlooker in 3-dimensional space by partially occluding the clothing from some angles, and revealing it from other angles.

This "mask" effect entices and seduces passerbys to interact with the form by walking around and through it.