I was sick this weekend

So what did I do? Designed my first packaging project ever.  All in 2 days while sneezing and coughing my lungs out. A bath amenities set (shampoo/conditioner/lotion) for the MORETTA Fashion Hotel. Click to view the project.



This project was bringing back the MORETTA fashion hotel project I began about 4 years ago.  MORETTA was my last project when I was a student at Art Center. Knowing that I was soon going to be designing professionally, I knew that failures in the real world were less forgiving. So for my last student project, I set myself up for an impossible undertaking- a design school "suicide run" which would surely result in many failures I could potentially learn from. Throwing myself into an impossible project also taught me to abandon the fear of failure.

4 years ago, I began with research on interior design, and began designing initial hotel concepts with my limited self-taught environment painting techniques. I then conceived a new concept for a hotel which fused fashion with a rental-based shopping ecosystem. The idea was high fashion for everyone.

Moving down the hierarchy from high level concepts and broad gestures of hotel concepts, to individual products, I designed a retail clothing rack for this experience that would embody my concept. It was an abstraction of my hotel's social and visual inspiration, the Carnival of Venice.


Part of the idea for my "impossible" design-a-hotel project was that it could become an ongoing personal project for myself. I could explore architecture, interior design, fashion design, product design, furniture, graphic design, just about any type of design I want. Any failures made during my attempt, at least I could use that learning experience to help me succeed in my professional work.


The Ovi Oderiferi bath amenities set goes even further down this hierarchy of design into the smaller details of graphics, form, and packaging. This project demonstrates how the high-level concept of MORETTA and the Carnival of Venice can provide enough conceptual fuel and inspiration for designing and executing individual products within the overarching concept. Understanding of these hierarchies is essential to creating a cohesive brand that works across product lines, or in this case, an entire hotel ecosystem.

Nelson Wah